” …an excellent treatise of how a faith-based group developed an all-inclusive social service program to migrant Mexican workers in northern California. The author weaves personal reflections among the workers’ frequently distressing stories…”

— Judge, 2012 Benjamin Franklin Awards
Independent Book Publishers Association


explodes the myths that allow immigration to be used as a wedge issue in our communities.”

— Edith Rasell, PhD
Minister for Economic Justice
, Justice and Witness Ministries
United Church of Christ

“No Longer Strangers
invites us to set aside fear-invoking terms such as “illegal aliens” and to offer hospitality to the “men and women alone” who work in fields and kitchens and back rooms all over this country, often invisibly, but bearing the gifts of God.”

— Dick Matgen, former Senior Program Officer
Peninsula Community Foundation


“Full of intelligence, humanity and understanding, No Longer Strangers shows how faith, when practiced in the context of today’s complex world, still has the power to transform lives.”

— Tessa Rouverol Callejo
FAITHS Program and Civic Engagement Officer
The San Francisco Foundation

“I have never lived in a rural farming community, nor in a community that depended on workers who—for many reasons—are invisible. But now I feel I’ve lived that experience—thanks to the authenticity of this book. I loved the details, I wanted to take it all in, down to the very last crumb.”
— Migs Carter, Multicultural Youth Advocate


“No Longer Strangers tells the story of the development of an organization that recognizes, values, supports and includes migrant workers. If you really want to make a difference in your community, this is how you do it.”

— Beryl Rullman, M. Ed., Coaching Nonprofit Executives

“No matter what happens in the world around us, radical hospitality can soften the harsh word and lighten the load. For those migrant workers caught up in a life of toil, Puente has eased the burden of unfair immigration policies and made the South Coast feel a little more like home. This is the story of how Puente began.”

— Kerry Lobel
Executive Director, Puente

“Some of us thought the hard part would be getting here. But, when we got here, we had other problems, and it wasn’t that simple. … It is really hard to find myself so far away from the land where I was born. But when we encounter this support from you, we can show our families that we are being taken care of. It makes them so happy. They thank God, and they pray for all of you, too.”

— A worker from Oaxaca, one of The Men Alone,
from the video at www.no-longer-strangers.org

“I was lucky enough to win your book from Goodreads and have just finished it this afternoon.  I wanted to thank you, for lots of things really. For seeing a need and doing something about it; for not judging people and for accepting them for who they are; for your empathy, compassion, understanding …

  — Christina Tregea, Goodreads Reviewer, 2014

“I picked up your book on Thursday and I have not been able to put it down. The depth of your compassion is inspiring. What a gift I am receiving this very Sunday morning reading about the bikes and blankets you gathered. I have had a teen-elder volunteer program on the back burner and its moving to the front. Thank you for the inspiration!”

— Linda Terry

“The book arrived last Monday and I started reading it almost immediately. I eventually had to put it down and get some sleep, but I finished it the next morning. . . . All that I have learned about community organizing in the last 10 years was very well illustrated in your story of building Puente.  Thanks for telling the story!”

— Ocean Pellett, UCC Pastor, 2014